So, we are now Creative Cloud for Teams members. We have 5 seats in the subscription and a lot pain. Why pain? Well let me just point the aches:
– the invoice system is not yet in place. Yes, they changed the subscription types and did not manage to put the invoicing system in place. You have to call support every month and ask them to send you the invoice (it’s funny since they managed to automatically get the cash from the credit card but they are not issuing the legal details about it) and this brings me to the next point:
– the support is awfull. Either you call in US or you chat with an indian guy. If you make the call, chances are you talk with another indian person. Bad english is de facto and when spelling I need to pull all my geographical knowledge to understand the spelling. They use Bombay for B, Calcutta for C and so on. If you don’t know cities from India you might get the letters wrong. Also the poor guys are so restricted in the information they have access to that you are forced to jump from one to another until you find someone who can help you. When going to support by chat you get the typical prepared phrases and little information. The last time they said to call by phone and gave me a link ( Nice, what should I call from there? They finally gave me explicitly the number, something like 800-xxx-xxx-xxx. Nice. What country is that? US. Ok, what are the working hours? 07-17. What is the damned timezone? PST. Super. I have given the guy my information just before that, he could read I was from Europe, am I a mind reader to know what to do with that number?
– the third point is about the maze that is the website. Good luck finding something there.

Unfortunately you have to cope with all these since they still have a stranglehold on imaging processing. So, arm yourselves with patience, you’ll need it. I for one spend much more time with Adobe licensing issues than with all other license providers used by my company toghether, and they are not few.


UPDATE: now you can download the invoices. yay

2 Responses to “Adobe Creative Cloud – beware”

  1. Tom Daigon says:

    More than 37,000 folks have signed.They don’t like Adobe CC licensing.Show @Adobe how you feel.

    Another more fiscal way to show @Adobe you dont like the CC licensing scheme. #adobe2014

  2. Thom says:

    I would say, let Adobe publish whatever they want, the important thing is designers get aware that there is really no need to go along with new versions. Stay with your CS4, CS5 or 6 – it has already all you will ever need. But for those still thinking about the CC, consider the points I made here

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